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    The Rainbow Program

    Rainbow Program InformationThe Rainbow Program is a research based early intervention program aimed at the following objectives: Helping students get a good start in school Developing and enhancing social skills Fostering healthy self-concept Improving school adjustment Developing leadership skills Assisting with life transitions The Rainbow Program is available at all of the San Ramon Valley Unified School District Elementary School Sites. Para-professionals are trained and staffed to work with students in the program. Each week the para-professionals meet with a School Psychologist for consultation on the students in the program.

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    About Our School

    Our Mission

    What? We extend trust to others to let people know you have their back, be an active member of the community for positive change, be the guide to open doors for students to be their best selves, make relationships personal and let people know you care about them,  and celebrate the differences each member of the community brings and learn from each other. 

    How? At Country Club Elementary we make others feel safe, connect with people in meaningful ways, participate in the community, accept people's differences,  and empower others to be our best selves. 

    Why? Our Mission is to accept and empower students so that they have the confidence to become their own authentic self.  To include and unite so that we help build lifelong empathy and acceptance of self and others.