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Kathy Burdine

April 3rd

Congats on completing week 2 of Distance Learning! We will be on Spring Break next week April 6th-10th. After break we will be transitioning to using FlipGrid daily. Please check your email after Spring Break on our plans for Phase 2! Enjoy the time off! 

March 30th

Hi Friends!

Here we are in week two of Distance Learning! I have uploaded the plan to the locker on this webpage. When you open it you will see many things in BLUE. These are the items that are different from last week to this week. Please assist your child in working through all five days this week. Just like last week I will be recording audio messages with feedback on Friday and sending them individually to each student via Raz Kids.

This past weekend I began working on a new digital platform we will be utilizing after Spring Break. This week will be a test run and it will not be fully functioning until Monday, April 13th. More information to come tomorrow.

I also will be sending you emails from Mrs. Jaffee the Music Teacher and Jon Hancock the PE teacher!

Happy Learning! Mrs. Burdine

March 27th

What a week! I am so impressed with everyones committment to Online Learning! I am sending all students a personal audio message through Raz Kids today! Have them log-on to their Raz Kids account to listen. I have given them feedback about Dreambox and Raz Kids. On Monday morning by 9am I will post our Distance Learning Plan for Week 2. It will be very similar to this week with a few modifications. The district will let us know what Phase 2 will look like after Spring Break. I will get information to you on how this will look for the kids in room 7 asap. Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions/concerns! Stay healthy! 

March 24th

Dear Room 7 Families,

As promised in my email yesterday our "distance learning plan" is posted here on our class website in the "Locker". Look on the left hand side and click to download the document. There is also a document called "Great Reasons to Post-it" This can help guide them with putting post-its in their books and/or keeping notes as they read. This document is in the "locker" as well. Please email with any questions! Happy learning! Mrs. Burdine


PS - Happy Birthday to Olivia (3/20) and Cash (3/22) ! 


PPS-I will send this via email as well and emails from the Science Teacher, Music Teacher and School Psychologist.

March 13th

Time for an update!

To catch eveyone up with curriculm the students have just completed their fourth units in both Reader's and Writer's Workshop! In reading, as I am sure you have noticed the students have been working on reading longer book and doing a lot of post-it notes! Nightly reading (and post-it noting) are part of homework each day! 

In writing we have been writing, reading and publishing poems! The students particularly loved this unit as poetry has "no rules"! We explored many different types of poems such as conversation poems, list poems, story poems, shape poems and more! We experiemented with line breaks, bold words, and different kinds of punctuation to change the meaning of our poems! 

In math we have completed Module 6, foundations of multiplication and we have begum Module 7. Module 7 covers many topics such as data/graphing, counting money, making change, and measurment in centimeters and inches.

Conference week is next week and we will have minimum days on Wed-Fri. As a reminder these conferences are for students that are at-risk and I will have reached out to you if I feel a conference is needed. As always if you have specific questions about your child's progress never hesitate to send me an email. 



Here are some important notes about Dreambox. This is an excellent online tool to support math at home! If you have questions or need help logging on again please let me know! There is a link to the Dreambox website on the Country Club webpage


   -students are completing 5-8 lessons per week

   -20 mins. per session

   -10 mins. per lesson

   -1 hour per week

   -there is a Spanish Version available online as well

Weekly Homework

Please read each night with your child & don't forget Dreambox!


Homework share on Fridays have been SO much fun! Remember folders and homework are due each Friday and a new homework calendar will come home each Friday. Please pick 4 things a week unless there is a day off of school. 

September Birthdays

No April Birthdays!