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Lauren Graham


Have a WONDERFUL summer!  Thank you for your home support.


:)   Lauren Graham





Thank you for reading this week's class webpage posting!  I post every Friday with information pertaining to the following week, so please read in its entirety to stay informed and make sure that your child has everything that they need.  If there are changes to our weekly events, I'll add them to this site as well as send the new information via group text.  To add interested parties to the group text or to update your contact information, please contact room parent 



Thank you those who wish to support our upcoming field trips!  I'd like to gently remind grown ups that volunteer AND driver's clearance needs to be updated every year. 

1.  Submit completed permission slip paperwork (packet) to me (most of you did this at Back to School Night).

2.  Obtain BOTH Volunteer AND Driver's clearance through the office.

3.  Check clearance situation in the office before sending me an e-mail of interest.  Please include YOUR NAME, YOUR CHILD'S NAME AND HOW MANY STUDENTS YOU CAN TRANSPORT TO AND FROM THE VENUE.

 4.  Due to district regulation, siblings ARE NOT allowed on field trips. 

5.  An e-mail as been sent to those who inquired about donation matching. Please contact Mrs. Glaser directly if you are also interested.


Please be sure to check the SRVUSD district webpage for this year's instructional calendar.  It will make you aware of conference weeks, staff development days, teacher work days and holidays.


A full and hydrated body is a learning body so HEALTHY snacks are allowed throughout the school day.  This policy stays in place for your child as long as there in no distraction for them or others.  Please make sure that only WATER is in your child's water bottle and remember that room 15 is a NUT FREE zone.  


Birthdays are celebrated in 4th grade so bring in a nut free treat if you wish.  Colorful pencils, fun erasers and books are a GREAT alternative!  Students with birthdays during non-school months can celebrate their date during a month of their choice. Birthday INVITATIONS, however, may not be passed out in school.  Please use the group e-mail or school directory for this purpose. 


Thank you for your home support,


Lauren Graham









To practice the life skills of accountability and responsibility, students are recording their own homework assignments in their daily planners.  If a student missed an assignment or is absent they can call a "Study Buddy" from the list provided in their Homework Folders.   This section of the webpage will contain any specific information or instructions regarding certain homework assignments and long term projects.


It is expected that you review and sign your child's Planner daily.  When you initial the Planner this indicates that you have: 1.Monitored that your child read for 20 mins. and asked appropriate comprehension questions from the book talk sheet provided 2.  Reviewed all homework for accuracy and completion and 3. Reviewed Math Fluency assessments, Reader's/Writer's Workshop folders and Reading Level scores if applicable.


Note that ALL WRITTEN ASSIGNMENTS MUST CONTAIN COMPLETE SENTENCES WITH PROPER CAPITALIZATION AND PUNCTUATION.  It is important that the content and convention standards that we learn in class be transferred to all of their work.  Students submitting work with sentence fragments and/or multiple writing convention errors will be expected to rework the assignment and submit the next day. PLEASE REVIEW AND SIGN THIS REWORK before submission. 


Weekly math fluency assessments began on .  There will be a weekly timed test every Friday to improve single digit multiplication fluency.   Every student will take an assessment on Friday and have 5 mins. to complete 50 single digit multiplication equations.  A score of "3" (proficient) has at least 47/50 correct.  Those who score a "3" will move on to their next level the following week.  Those who do not master their assessment will take it again the following week and move towards advancement.  Please look for these assessments to come home in Monday's Homework Folder.  A copy of all 20 assessments are available in the locker section of this webpage to print out and review.  Those students who master all 20 will move on to challenge sheets!



Your child will be bringing home their Reader's Workshop notebook every Monday for review and signature. Students are writing reflections of their reading by synthesizing their ideas, staking claims (main ideas) and supporting those ideas with evidence from the text (details).

Writer's Workshop notebooks come home every Thursday for review and signature.  As we work through the writing process, we meet with partners for feedback. Partners offer each other a COMPLIMENT (Tell your partner something that you really liked about their writing.  Be SPECIFIC and DESCRIPTIVE) and a SUGGESTION (Share with your partner something that you really enjoy as a reader.  How can you help your partner "bump up" their writing piece?).  Students entries should demonstrate proper writing conventions. 


In regards to your child's final copies of writing assignments, please resist the urge to contribute more than that in either content or convention.  Your child's finished piece should be a reflection of THEIR understanding of the writing process, incorporation of learned writing strategies, grammar and punctuation.  Final copies may be printed out or written in blue or black ink only.  


Starting 2/13, along with Dreambox, Zearn math will be assigned as homework from time to time.  Please ensure that you child works on this when assigned for AT LEAST 20 mins. This program can be accessed from the locker of this webpage or go to   Your child has a Login Card stapled to their planner with step by step directions.  When Zearn math homework is assigned, our class code is QW7D4X.




Here are the steps for students to login:

Go to

Username: cc.firstinitiallastname (example cc.dglaser)

Password: ID#222222 (their personal 6 digit ID number)

Click on "Country Club Applications"

Click on "CC-Dreambox"









:)  Mrs. Graham