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Nancy Johnson


Dear Parents,

During or after your nightly reading time, see if your child can answer some of these "I Can" statements based on the First Grade California Common Core State Standards.

To find other grade level "I Can" statements, click here:

Helping Out at Home

First grade students are ready to be more independent.  Having regular home and school chores will help them attain that independence while encouraging pride in their ability to contribute. Students who help out at home feel a sense of accomplishment and understand and appreciate what others do for them.  Click on this link to see a sample list of chores you can use: age-appropriate-chores-for-kids-1.pdf-1-page.jpg


Please check the classroom portal each week for upcoming events, assigned homework, and notes from the teachers. The portal is updated on Monday (or Tuesday if Monday is a holiday).


If you volunteer in the classroom, please make sure to sign in at the office, get a badge, and then join us in the classroom. A big thank you to everyone who is able to help in and out of the classroom!


Friday Folders will be sent home most Fridays. Please sign the folder, empty it, and have your child bring it back to class on the following Monday.



Current Assignments

Friday, Jan. 11th - Semester 2 Goals Paper Due


Thursday, Jan. 17th - Book Order Due


Friday, Jan. 18th - Weekly Homework Packet Due


Wednesday, Jan. 23rd - January Oral Share Due


Read at least 15 minutes every night.  I have discussed with the children that their reading is the most important part of their homework each night and should be done 7 days a week.  First Graders should be reading for at least 15 minutes a night (more depending on the child).  Some "Book Talk" questions are on this website to help you facilitate conversations during and after reading.  Happy Reading!



We have children in our class with severe nut allergies. Please no nuts of any kind in your child's snacks.  Thank you!

     Each child is responsible for learning the words in his/her "Personal Word Wall" folder.  We call them "snap" words.  Please check to see if your child knows them and work on them at home if he/she does not.  Click this link to view the words: Snap Words

Water Bottle Rules

Your child may keep a water bottle in the classroom. He/she can bring it and take it home each day OR leave it at school and refill it from our fountain in the classroom.


Please send a separate water bottle than the one in your child's lunch box.  It takes too much time and is too hard for the children to go in and out of the lunch boxes.


Also please make sure the water bottle has a straw or spout (not a lid to an open container that could spill if knocked over).


Thank you!



                            Natalia J
an. 9

              Yimeng Jan. 13

                            Mason Jan. 13

                            Saianish Jan. 17