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Rose Tishler

Welcome To Fourth Grade!

Welcome to Fourth Grade!


Welcome to the Upper Grades!  I am so excited to be your teacher for this amazing year in fourth grade.  What a privilege it is to welcome a group of students and parents who are ready to experiene reading, writing, researching, and mathematic at the fourth grade level.

It is wonderful to see so many smiling faces: many that are familiar and many that I am excited to get to know better.  Fourth grade is an exhilarating year of growth, change, transition, and self-awareness.  Every year when June rolls around I marvel at just how far all the students travel on their journey through fourth grade, and at how very grown-up and self-sufficient they become.

Together we explore so many wonderful stories, both fictional and historical, as we become experts on the history of our great state. With the virtual world at our fingertips, we’ll rediscover the paths of Californians who came before us and blaze new trails as learners. Our mid-year trip to Coloma will take us back in time to the Gold Rush for an unforgettable four days together in outdoor school.

We’ll make friends with some mighty big numbers and some teeny tiny ones, too, and we’ll nail our multiplication and division facts for life (if we haven’t already)!  We’ll sink our teeth into some incredible books—and then turn around and write some amazing stories of our own.  That’s just the tip of the iceberg, we will explore art, science, music, drama, field trips…I just can’t wait!

Fourth grade is a magical year and I am very excited to delve into that magic with you and your student.

          Thank you for a wonderful start to our magical journey.





Rose Tishler

4th grade, room 16

Thank your for attending Back to School Night

It has been a great start to this 2016-2017 school year.  Before we get too far into the year, I wanted to thank those of you that made it Back-to-School night for attending, and to give those of you who could not make it some information.  Fourth grade is a very busy year, full of excitement and transitions.  This year we will take many wonderful field trips, learn how to work more independently, how to organize our time, how to work as a team, and learn how to work in larger groups.   


One of the highlights of Back-to-school night was field trips.  In the Back-to-School-Night packet you received ALL the field trip permission slips for the year.  Please look for these, fill them out completely including how you would like us to take care of your child in case of an emergency, and send the entire packet of permission slips to the classroom.  THANK YOU!  This will help to make taking field trips much less stressful.


The Marine Science Institute field trip comes up very quickly.  We need chaperones and drivers to help on this exciting trip to learn more about our bay and the life contained within.  Please take the time to register as a volunteer and driver through the District’s online Volunteer Management system.  If you would like to chaperone, please count yourself in.  We have room to accommodate extra adult help.


Going to Coloma being the BIG field trip for fourth grade (4 days, 3 nights).  We have scheduled a Coloma meeting for the evening of September 13 in the MPR at Country Club Elementary, 7:00 pm.  Please come to get information.


ALL who would like to volunteer in the classroom, drive on field trips or chaperone must watch the online video and fill out the proper paperwork for the Volunteer Management System.  Sherry McCarthy, our Office Manager, is happy to assist you.


We (the fourth grade teachers) understand just how tight finances are in our families.  We too have our own financial difficulties and would like to help relieve some of your stress.  We are open to fundraising ideas.


Also in your packet you will find an iPad and Google Apps ~ Acceptable Use Policy.  Please go over this with your student, both of you sign and date the document, and return it to me.  Thank you for your help.  This will help to reinforce safety on the internet, and our anti-bullying policies.


Oh my goodness, there is a lot of information for fourth grade.  And I am quite certain that I have not answered ALL of your questions yet.  Please feel free to email me ( at anytime with your questions, comments and concerns.  I appreciate your respectful input into our classroom, and your respectful involvement in your student’s education.  We are a team: student, parent, and teacher.  See you at STUDENT, PARENT, TEACHER goal setting conferences October 3-7. 2016.


Your partner in education,

Rosemarie Tishler


Dear Parents,

Mrs. Tishler’s 4th grade class will be going on a Discovery Voyage field trip with the Marine Science Institute on Thursday, October 13th. We will be arrive at school at 6:30 a.m., meet in room 16, and depart school at 6:45 a.m.; Returning to school about 2:30 p.m.  MSI is located on the bay in Redwood City (for more information go to the MSI website  The students will be traveling in private cars.  

Students will be handling sediment samples, and touching live fish.  Appropriate clothing required:  clothes that can get wet and dirty, closed-toe shoes, layer for cold and wind.  It looks like we picked a good week and we will be blessed with sunshine.  However, the mornings are cool, so layers are important.  Sunscreen and chapstick may also help to make your student more comfortable.

This “floating classroom” will expose students to the ecology of the San Francisco Bay Estuary.  Students will use the scientific method to study fish, bottom sediments and invertebrates, microscopic organisms and water quality.  

Please send a “no garbage lunch.”  There is nowhere to dispose of garbage so the students will have to carry home whatever disposable they bring.  Water bottles are a must on board as well as a snack of saltines to help ease any queasiness if motion sickness becomes a problem.  Lemon-lime soft drinks also tend to sooth an uneasy stomach (screw top only—no cans).  To date, we have experienced exactly zero students with queasiness, however, there is always a first time and better to be prepared than not.  Besides, the students all think it is very cool to be able to have and drink soda at school!

We are traveling very early in the morning, and with that in mind you may want to send a breakfast snack with your students as they will not have much opportunity to eat once we are on board the Brownlee.  Cereal bars, fruit, even an extra sandwich will help to fill the empty stomachs of early morning.  We should have a few minutes before we board the boat to fuel our bodies.

Parents attending the field trip with us will need to remember to take care of themselves as well.  There is a “head” on board the Brownlee if the need arises.  Parents will be asked to assist the students at each of 3 stations. Please take the opportunity to observe the students as much as possible.  They are quite amazing to watch as they explore, discover, and learn.

Please take a moment to check out the website.  We are taking the Discovery Voyage on the Robert G. Brownlee.

ALL students should arrive at school by 6:30 am.  Redwood City is a good distance from San Ramon and we must brave freeway and bridge commute traffic to arrive at the Institute by 7:30 am.  Our voyage begins at 8:00 am and runs to 12:00.  We will have lunch when we disembark.  The students will have a short bit of time to enjoy the shoreline, then we are back in our cars and headed for home.  We should arrive at the school between 2 and 2:30 with a regular dismissal time of 3:10.

Please email me with your questions or concerns.

Rose Tishler


Indian Life Program, Danville

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